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About Bargarh

Odisha is a city of several ancient temples and historical monuments. That is why itself lots of people from various corners of the world visit this beautiful state of India. Bargarh is a small but important city in Bargarh district of Odisha state. It is a municipality, famous for industries, business and tourism. Various ancient temples, natural sceneries and different cultural festivals in Bargarh attract lots of tourists every year.

About Bargarh
Shiva Temple

Geography of Bargarh

Bargarh city, the headquarter of Bargarh district, is located at 21°20'N 83°37'E and at an average elevation of 171 meter (561 feet). Even though Bargarh is situated in Odisha state, the city is close to the border of ChhattIsgarh state. The entire region is part of Deccan plateau.The city comes under zone 2 category, which is the least earthquake prone zone. Bargarh city is also at a distance of 303 km from Bhubaneshwar, the state capital. Bargarh remains hot in summer with highest temperature in between 31°C and 46°C. January and February are the months, when temperature is comparatively less (21°C to 24°C). The best period to visit Bargarh is between the months of October to March.

History of Bargarh

According to the inscription of the 11th century, it is believed that the original name of Bargarh was ‘Baghar Kota”. The city got the name “Bargarh” during the reign of Balram Dev, the Chauhan King of Sambalpur. He made this city his headquarters for some time. Even though no clear data is available, it is said that the Bargarh Fort was built during the time of Baldam Dev. We can still trace the old fort walls near the ‘Jeera’ river towards the plains of Ambapali. The last Chauhan Raja, named Narayan Singh, gave the whole land of Bargarh the sons of Baluki Singh a Brahmin. They were Krushna Dash and Narayan Dash. Baluki was killed in action by the Gond. “Borasambhar”, another part of the district, was formerly the headquarters of the Borasambar Zamindari that extends over 2178 Sq.Kms. Later, the headquarter this Zamindari was shifted to Padampur, which is presently the biggest sub-division of Bargarh district.

According the other unconfirmed literature, the name Bargarh has been originated from Balaramgarh and some other sources claim that the city got the name ‘Bargarh’, as the city was the best of the cluster of forts (Garhs).Budhisam also influenced the lifestyle of the people in Bargarh for a short period of time. We can see many ancient Buddhist sculptures and monastreries along a belt that starts from Bijepur block to the Paikamal block. Huen-Tsang’s literature clearly mentions about these Buddhist monuments. Bargarh is also famous for the Legendary Veer Surendra Sai who fought against British from Debrigarh, a peak on the Barapahad Range. His fight against the British was remarkable in Indian freedom struggle history. Today, Debrigarh is a tiger sanctuary. Bargarh had been a subdivision of old Sambalpur district till 1992. Later Mr. Biju Patnaik, the then chief minister, declared the city as the headquarter of the newly formed Bargarh district.

Demography of Bargarh

As per Census India 2015, Bargarh municipality has total population of 80, 625. 41, 418 among them are males, while 39, 201 are females. There are 8985 children in the municipality, who are with the age of 0-6. It constitutes 11.14% of the total population. The city has female sex ratio of 947 against state average of 979 and child sex ration of 925 compared to the state average of 941. Bargarh city has literacy rate of 88.39%, while the state average is 72.87%. 93.07% males and 83.45% female in Bargarh municipality are literate.

Administration in Bargarh

Bargarh is a municipality in Bargarh district of Odisha state. It is one of the two sub divisions and one among 12 blocks of the district. The city comes in Bargarh legislative assembly constituency, one among the five constituencies of Bargarh district. It includes Bargarh, Bargarh block and part of Barapali block. The sitting MLA of Bargarh assembly constituency is Debesh Acharya, who belongs to Bjiu Janata Dal (BJD). Bargarh city falls under Bargarh parliamentary constituency where the sitting MP is Prabhas Kumar Singh of Biju Janata Dal.

Collectrate Office
Address: Office of the Collector and District Magistrate,
Collectrate, Bargarh, Bargarh district, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 232340
Email ID: dm-bargarh@nic.in

Superintendent of Police: 06646 234480

Police station: 06644 233020

Economy of Bargarh

The economy of Bargarh is mainly dependent on agriculture. Paddy cultivation is prominent in the region. Bargarh has paddy crop twice in a year and the city is known as the rice bowl of India. About 6,00,000 MT paddy is produced in the district per annum and there are more than 100 rice mills over the district. Some vegetables like Parwal, Cauliflower, Brinjal, Cabbage, Tomato, Biri, Mung and Tomato etc. are also cultivated here and supplied to other districts widely. The food crops in the district are mainly used for the domestic requirements of the people in Odisha. Bargarh is one of the oldest industrial cities of Odisha. Handloom and textile industries plan an important role in shaping the economy of the district. It can be called the business hub of Odisha. The “Sambalpuri Sarees” and other Sambalpuri handloom textile products originated in Bargarh district is world famous and have great demand in India and abroad due to its quality and unique design. There is also a cement manufacturing unit at Khaliapali, which is at a distance of 6 km from Bargarh city. It produces and markets ACC cement all over the country. A sugar mill and a thread mill in the town also boost the economy of Bargarh. This city is also well known for its cottage Bell Metal Utensil industries.

Tourism in Bargarh

There are several tourist spots in Bargarh district including wildlife sanctuaries, natural scenery, ancient temples, historical monuments etc. that attract lots of tourists to the city from various corners of the country. Kedarnath Temple, situated around 36 km away from Bargarh, is at the foot of Bara hill. Built by Sri Daksin Ray, the dewan of Ajit Singh, the King of Sambalpur is one among the Asta Sambhu temple. Nrusinghanath Temple, located at a distance of 110 km from Bargarh is also a tourist attraction. It is famous for its statues carved on its outer walls. It was built during fourteenth century by Sri Baijal Dev Bikari, the king of Patna. Papaharini, literally means the destroyer of sins is the confluence of seven fountains called Saptadhar. With an average width of 12 feet, it embraces Mahanadi after running 25 km. Chauhan rulers built lots of Siva temples in Bargarh, 8 Shiva temples among them are famous as Ashta-Shambhu temples. These temples are well known for its artistic beauty and excellent picturesque background.

Travel Agencies in Bargarh

Being a famous tourist location and industrial city of Odisha, many people visit this city for various reasons. Therefore, many travel agencies are functioning in the city, which provide all the facilities of the travellers for a comfortable journey.

Lets Talk
Address: In front of Hotel Ganapathi,
Main Road, Bargarh HO, Bargarh - 768028,
Bank of India
Phone number: 9861505152, 9658181818

Lalchand Travelers
Address: Panchayat College Road,
Bargarh HO, Bargarh – 768028
Phone number: 8093299009

Friends Tour & Travels

Address: Subudhi Complex, N H 6, Main Road,
Bargarh HO, Bargarh - 768028, Near Rukmani Talkies
Phone number: 6646-234120

Lath Travels

Address: Bhatli Road Ward No 1, Bargarh Ho,
Bargarh, Near Lamba Building Chowk, 768028
Phone number: 6646-233301, 9437201223

Tirupati Tour & Travels
Address: Mohanty Para, Bargarh HO, Bargarh, 768028
Phone number: 9438285868

Vacation International Tours
Address: Bhatli Chowk, Bargarh HO, Bargarh – 768028
Phone number: 9238627441

Hotel and Restaurants in Bargarh

It is very important to reserve a comfortable place for accommodation and find out a good eatery for dining in advance, wherever you plan to visit. There is no doubt that you can’t enjoy your trip, if your dining and staying are not comfortable. As Bargarh is an important business hub and tourist spot in Odisha, there is no scarcity for good hotels and restaurants in the city. Some of the famous hotels and restauranats in Bargarh city that provide you delicious and quality food as well as standard accommodation facilities with warm services are given here.

Hotel Swastik
Address: Near Gurudwara Chowk, N H 6,
Bargarh HO, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6645 234053, 54
Email ID: hotelswastik@rediffmail.com, info@hoelswastik.in
Website: www.hotelswastik.com

Ganapathi Restaurant
Address: National Highway 6, Kacheri Chowk,
Near City Bus Stand, Bargarh, 768028
Phone number: 6646 231401

Oriental Restaurant

Address: 22, Canal Avenue, Near UCO Bank,
Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 230436

Maharaja Hotel
Address: Government bus stand,
Bargarh HO, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 230074, 6646 230974,
6646 230063, 9437577574

Abhinandan Hotel
Address: Lingu Mishra Chowk, Bargarh HO,
Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 232868, 232471

Shiv Shankar Bhojanalaya
Address: Ramji Mandir Chowk, Bargarh,
Main road, Bargarh HO, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 9438782117

Hotel Hindustan
Address: Main road, Bargarh HO,
Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 9861110869

Hotel Baishali
Address: Main road, Bargarh HO,
Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 9337311213

Movie Theatres in Bargarh
Scope for an enjoyable nightlife is very less in Bargarh. There are not many pubs, night clubs or bars in the city. However, you can see some movie theatres in and around Bargarh and they are well maintained for the people.

Deepali Talkies
Address: Bargarh Road, Harpada,
Bargarh, Opposite Sai Mandir, 768028
Phone number: 9861690, 9861197069

Rukmini Talkies
Address: NH 6, Bargarh road, Bargarh,
Near Subudhi complex, 768028
Phone number: 9853412543

Janta Cinema
Address: Cinema Chowke, Main road,
Bargarh GPO, Near Battiah, W. Champaran, 768028

Uma Talkies
Address: Harpada, Opposite Sai Mandir,
Bargarh, 768028
Phone number: 6646 231062, 9337310629

Rukmini Cineplex
Address: NH 6, Bargarh Road, Near Subudhi Complex, 768028
Phone number: 9938088873

Social Welfare Organizations in Bargarh

The role of social service organizations like NGOs and other charitable trusts are very significant in a development of a particular society. This is because the Government alone cannot solve all the problems of the citizens. Bargarh city has many social services organizations like NGOs and charitable trusts that are actively engaged in many fields like poverty, health, education, social discrimination, women empowerment, self employment, art, culture etc. Some of such popular organizations in the city are introduced here.

Physically Handicap School

Address: Bargarh PO, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646-231364, 9861279008

Apex Welfare centre
Address: Near College road, Below Nice Computer,
Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 256646

Inclusive Action
Address: Khaliamunda via Melchhamunda,
Bargarh HO, Palsapali, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 212812

Green Bargarh Clean Bargarh Association
Address: At- Gd Lane, Ward No.13,
Bargarh Ho, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 231231

Bargarh Health Education Foundation
Address: Shakti Nagar, Bargarh Ho,
Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 234468

Asha Bharat
Address: Bisi Colony Ward No- 10, Bargarh Ho,
Near George High School Field, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 7873822538

Address: Word No-18, Bargarh Ho,
Near Rotary School Bargarh, 768028
Phone number: 6646 246303

Parshuram Bahini
Address: Back Side of Mini Stadium,
Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 232909

Sacred Life Foundation
Address: V.S.S Nagar, W.N 09,
Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646-246787

Society For Environment And Workers Alliance Sewa
Address: Satpathy Villa, Khajurtikra,
Bargarh Ho, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028
Phone number: 6646 231666

Sanjukta Yuba Sansthan
Address: Bargarh Ho, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028

Bargarh Health Education Foundation
Address: Purohit Hospital & Research Centre,
Shakti Nagar, Bargarh, Odisha, 768028

Transport in Bargarh

Profile of Bargarh
Bargarh Railway Station

As there is no airport in Bargarh, those who visit the city from far away places, mainly depend on Swami Vivekananda Airport at Raipur at a distance of 206 km and Bhubaneshwar Airport at a distance of 256 km. Bargarh Railway station is situated in the city and it belongs to East Coast Railway Zone, Sambalpur. However, the major railway station that connects the important cities of the country is Raigarh railway station, which is 74 km near to the city. Bargarh is also connected to other cities of the state through bus services. Taxi services are also available for local transportation.

Bargarh is a must visit place in Odisha due to its picturesque beauty of the nature as well as the cultural uniqueness that is rich with many fairs and festivals. So, find out some days to spend in Bargarh during your pleasure trip in Odisha.

Bargarh at a glance

Country : India
State : Odisha
District : Bargarh
• Official : Odia, Sambalpuri
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN : 768028
Vehicle registration : OD 17

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